• A little bit about me and my story

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    When I started Thrive Reiki in February 2016, I could draw from years of experience of working as a marketing & communications professional. I’ve helped build organizations and departments, created Indonesia’s first pet lifestyle and wellness magazine, and to this day love establishing solid systems and infrastructures that make running a business much easier.


    But I also encountered a lot of eye-rolling and remarks, like my mother-in-law referring to my business as “the thing that you do” until she experienced the soothing and healing effects of Reiki herself.


    In my first year, I even walked dogs so that I could pay the rent for the room I used for sessions.


    I gave free sessions and talks to get clients on the table, learned that most people came with unrealistic expectations, which taught me to communicate Reiki more effectively and to build a clientele that is right for me.


    Over the years, I invested more than $60,000 in building and growing my business. I had to ask a lot of questions, fall countless times, get up again, struggle with doubt and impostor syndrome… all while remaining calm, steady and professional, so that my clients could feel safe as I held space for them. But I also learned to ask for help – and build “Team Andrea”, a group of other professionals who help me personally and my business.

  • “Andrea is real. She is down to earth and grounded and so so relatable. She has such a gentle ease that is instantly calming. At the same time, she is a true professional. This is her passion but also her craft and she’s spent the years dedicating herself to learning it, which is really admirable, especially these days.”


    - Kate Matheson, one the first business coaches I turned to for help

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    I’m here for you when you need support with

    • Your personal Reiki practice
    • Your professional Reiki practice
    • Business Development
    • Marketing
    • Client communications
    • Client attraction

    ($150, conducted via Zoom)


    Got Questions? Send me an email at andrea@thrivereiki.com